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"Hill's most intimate portrait of the iconic First Lady yet."


"Packed with rare images, this is a page-turning portrait of the Camelot era."

—Publishers Weekly

“A fond remembrance of a glamorous, bygone era.”

Kirkus Reviews

About Clint Hill

Clint Hill is a retired U.S. Secret Service Agent who served five presidents and was in the motorcade in Dallas on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Clint Hill with co-author Lisa McCubbin Hill


“Of the many words written about Jacqueline Kennedy, these are among the best.”

Kirkus starred review
(Mrs. Kennedy and Me)

“Hill's book is so enlightening it's almost explosive. . .[his] humanity shines in the rich descriptions of the history he witnessed.”

—Joseph H. Carter Sr., UPI
(Five Presidents)

“Readers, you will be moved by this personal tribute to an unforgettable First Lady.”
(Mrs. Kennedy and Me)

“A riveting, stunning narrative…among hundreds of books about the assassination, this is the most compelling because Hill lived it.”

(Five Days in November)

“Talk about being unable to put a book down; I was enthralled with this memoir from start to finish, tears streaming down my cheeks…it is a real, revealing portrait and is simply fascinating.”

—Liz Smith
(Mrs. Kennedy and Me)

“Unrivaled insight into the U.S. Secret Service. . . a retelling of history from someone who had a front row seat. Hill delivers a moving, narrative-filled perspective on some of the greatest events of our time.”

Bismarck Tribune
(Five Presidents)

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